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Shalane McCall


Nickname: Hurricane Shalane
Birthdate: 16 September 1972, North Hollywood, California, USA.
Height: 169 cm

  • 'Trent Valladares' (October 1989 - present)
    Today presence:
  • (Sept. 2000)Lives in California and works as a librarian.


    Shalane was born in raised in California. She was a model since she was 8 1/2 years old. She has won 110 beauty pageants before she was casted to play in "Dallas". The reason why she left "Dallas" in uncertain. She became legally emancipated at the age of 16. She married her boyfriend Trent in October 1989 (when she was 17). Shalane has completely withdrawn from showbusiness. She still lives in California.
    Author: Joerg Fenin


    Modeling: What it Takes with Shalane McCall (1988) (TV) [Herself]
    "Dallas" (1978) [Charlotte 'Charlie' Wade (1983-1988)]

    Guest apperance(s)

  • '"Silver Spoons" (1982)' , as [unknown]


  • "I just am. Thank You." (Shalane's answer in a game show called "Super Password" on the question of what she is doing now.


  • "USA Today" (USA), 5 July 1984, by: Nanci Hellmich, "The latest lady on 'Dallas' is 11 - and having a ball"

    Other work(s)

  • Modeling video showing how to become and stay a model, "Modeling... what it takes with Shalane McCall"
  • Was one of the children who recorded the children's version of "We Are The World"