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Douglas Edward Shaw


Birthdate: 16 September 1963, Utica, New York, USA


Douglas was raised in small towns all over the north eastern United States, and Canada. His father worked as a chemical engineer for a company that transfered him and his family to seven different states and Canada.Douglas always dreamed about a career in acting, but did not begin to seek out his dreams until 1989 when he first appeared in an episode of Miami Vice, and a couple of commercials soon after moving out on his own to the hot spot known as Miami, Florida. He made the move to the entertainment capital of the world in 1991, and has been working in or around film production ever since.
Author: Anonymous


Cry for Help, A (1995) [Andy] <4>

Guest apperance(s)

  • '"Sunday Comics, The" (1991)' , as Ceremony Attendee (episode 'Fractured Film Awards, The')