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Alesha Webb


Real name: Alicia-Nicole Webb
Birthdate: 4 May 1979, Houston, Texas, USA.


Alesha Webb came to WCW in November 1999. A former model and dancer, Alesha is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in wrestling today. Prior to joining WCW, Alesha had a short stint with Independent Wrestling Promotions as well as the WWF. Fond of flying, Alicia is a frequent traveller. She still has a house in Houston, TX but spends most of her time touring the country with WCW. Alicia has been training to brush up on her skills at WCW's Power Plant. She is set to return as a valet for Lance Storm or Dustin Runnells.
Author: Anonymous


Wrestlemania XV (1999) (V) [Ryan Shamrock] <50>
"Raw Is War" (1997) [Ryan Shamrock (1998-1999)] <84>
"WCW Monday Nitro" (1995) [Symphony (1999)] <55>
"WCW Thunder" (1998) [Symphony (1999)]

Guest apperance(s)

  • '"Happy Hour" (1999)' , as Ryan Shamrock (6/26/1999)


  • Left the WWF in July 1999 due to a money dispute.
  • Was a stripper in Texas when she was descovered by the WWF in December 1998.
  • Is a Scooby fan. Made her Pro Debut in December 1998. Joined WCW in November 1999.
  • Scripted to be Dustin Runnells new valet.
  • Decided to cut down on her wrestling appearances because she does not want to stay away from her family for long.
  • Her favorite song is Brass n Pocket by The Pretenders.
  • Is an accomplished dancer and a cover model.
  • Has a sister(Amanda) and two brothers(Shane & Colby).

    Other work(s)

  • TV Commercial for Vampiro T-Shirt (2000)