Today's Birthday: 22 April

  • Albert, Eddie
  • Allen, Byron
  • Brockington, Ryan Thomas
  • Byrd, Ralph
  • Campbell, Brenda
  • Haskin, Byron
  • Hatton, Rondo
  • Intiraymi, Manu
  • Mabius, Eric
  • Miller, Jason (I)
  • Nicholson, Jack
  • Rademacher, Ingo
  • Spelling, Aaron
  • Stewart, Catherine Mary
  • Stiles, Ryan

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    Rademacher, Ingo

    Ingo Rademacher was born in the small village of Iserlohn-Letmathe, West Germany. Ingo lived on the European continent until his parents moved to New South Wales, Australia, in 1981. His sister, Anne, and he helped his parents work a 400-acre cattle and Angora goat station there. "I played rugby and worked the ranch, " he details. "We didn't have a television for three and a half years there." In 1984, the family took up vegetable farming in Queensland where Ingo drove tractors and did other necessary jobs while attending high school. After graduation, Ingo moved to the metropolis of Sydney. He started out doing school plays, modeling, and acting classes. His first role was on an Australian soap '"Paradise Beach" (1993)' . Ingo was cast as the lead character, Sean Hayden, an 18 year old surfer. Ingo moved to Los Angeles in 1994. He was almost on "Model's Inc.", but he couldn't get his working papers fast enough. His latest role is on '"General Hospital" (1963)' , as Jasper "Jax" Jacks. He compared Jax to Sean and says "Jax is more educated and a savvy businessman.....Sean was just a typical young surfer." Ingo says that he is a lot like Jax but just doesn't have as much money. Gregarious, thrill-seeking and devilishly handsome, the man known simply as Jax is internationally known for his unique ability to dismantle huge corporations as well as break hearts. The Jacks family, globe-trotting eccentrics of nearly inestimable wealth, never take "no" for an answer and refuse to think any objective is unachievable. Jax has taken this heritage to the extreme. Ingo embodies the spirit of Jax, having lived on three continents, excelled in several professional sports, and carving careers in areas as diverse as farming, ranching, modeling and television. "Jax has a 'why not?' attitude that is very similar to my own." Ingo remarks. "My parents saw things and places that interested them, went for it, and then moved on. I inherited their spirit of adventure which has landed me here in Port Charles." he jokes. As an athlete, Ingo has amassed an extraordinary list of accomplishments. He was a West German ski champion at the age of eight. He was a professional equestrian in jumping, dressage and cross country from age 10 to 14. In Australia, Ingo was a professio nal beach volleyball player and an Ironman triathlete. On the personal side, Ingo says he is very romantic, loves the beach at night and bonfires. One day he wants to be completely involved in the film industry....acting and directing. He says that "Vanessa (Marcil) is fantasic." Ingo is SINGLE....he says he never gets out because he is too busy. The beach life of Southern California presently fulfills Ingo's spare time where he surfs, trains for ocean Ironman races, and mountain bikes in the Santa Monica mountains. He lives in the Pacific Palisades community of Los Angeles. On the note of his family, Ingo says they are all supportive and wonderful.....especially his mother who always told him "Do whatever you want and I'll support you!". - Author: Jennifer O'Dea
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    Hatton, Rondo

    Only child, born to Stewart and Emily Hatton in Hagerstown, Maryland. Family moved to Tampa, Florida, in 1912, when he was a highschool senior and his father joined a family-owned business there. He was apparently popular and a good athlete, especially in football. After leaving highschool, he joined the Florida National Guard to pursue a military career, fought in the Mexican Border War and then in France in World War I. Here, he was exposed to poison gas, was hospitalized with lung injury and was subsequently medically discharged from service and consigned to a pension. Returning to Tampa, he took employment as a reporter for the Tampa Tribune where he worked until 1936, when he moved to Hollywood. At some point after his exposure to the poison gas, he also developed acromegaly, a slowly progressive deforming of bones in the head, hands and feet, and internal and external soft tissues, caused by disease of the pituitary gland which onsets after the individual has reached his full genetic height (under normal pituitary influence) and production of growth hormone resumes but the bone structure can no longer produce symmetric growth (as in giantism). According to all authors, his acromegaly was a result of the poison gas, though typically it is caused by a tumor on the pituitary. In any event, his worsening disfigurement is thought to have led to his first divorce, and certainly was responsible for his being noticed by director Henry King, who was shooting a movie, Hell's Harbor, near Tampa. Reporter Hatton was covering the filming, and King offered him a role. Hatton remained a reporter however until after his second marriage in 1934; in 1936, he and his new, more faithful wife moved to Hollywood. Thereafter, Hatton appears to have subsisted primarily on bit or extra roles, with an occasional role substantial enough to earn him cast acknowledgment, until being cast for the role of the "Hoxton Creeper" in Universal's Pearl of Death in 1944. Universal thereafter attempted to promote Hatton to horror film stardom because of his acromegalic appearance, including a burgeoning series about a spine-breaking maniac called "The Creeper". However, around Christmas, 1945, he had a mild heart attack (heart weakness, along with diabetes and blindness being common complications of acromegaly) and, seemingly recovered, a fatal one just over a month later. He was returned to Tampa for burial. In 1988, filmmaker Fred Olen Ray extensively researched Hatton's life, producing the sensitive article "Rondo Hatton: Monster Man" (referenced below). - Author: Rich Wannen
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    Stiles, Ryan

    It's not surprising that Ryan Stiles would feel comfortable doing a comedic turn in the role of Lewis, one of Drew Carey's ever-present friends in the new comedy, "The Drew Carey Show." After all, the first job Stiles ever had was that of a stand-up comedian. Although he was a good student, Stiles admits that "being a high-school senior gave me too much freedom." He got so carried away with his flexible schedule that he quit school a few months shy of graduation and got a job doing stand-up comedy in Vancouver. In spite of his parents' objections, he was able to support himself for several years, but "I got out of stand-up when everybody else started doing it," he says. He didn't stray too far from the world of comedy. In 1986, he joined the highly acclaimed Second City comedy ensemble in Toronto, where he honed his improvisational skills. In 1990, Stiles moved to Los Angeles to perform with the Los Angeles Second City group. Film and television roles soon followed, including roles in "Hot Shots" and "Hot Shots, Part Deux." Stiles' television credits include "Parker Lewis Can't Lose," "Mad About You" and cable's "The Hitchhiker." He's currently a series regular on the British improvisational series, "Whose Line Is It, Anyway?," which has been nominated for three CableACE awards. During the 1994-95 baseball strike, Stiles and acclaimed director Joe Pytka made some memorable commercials for Nike. That's Stiles in the empty baseball stadium doing the wave solo. When he's not at work, Stiles spends his time thinking about work. - Author:
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